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Welcome to Kaydeena

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"...Jazakumullahukhair for organising such a lovely event for young children. Alhamdulillah my daughter (8 yrs old) enjoyed it.  May Allah reward everyone who organised this event, especially the sister who told the story professionally and in a lively way which made all the children happy MashaAllah".

Pre School

"...I'd just thought i'd mention Aleena really enjoyed the session last week.  She seems to have absorbed so much from it.  She's displayed her poster on keeping clean and has even been asking to do wadhu".

We are a non judgmental educational Islamic teaching platform, which believes in nurturing Islamic learning.  We aim to inspire and create memories for children in an engaging way, assisting parents in the child's understanding. 

The enriching colours of Islam are delivered through role play, stories, games, workshops, bespoke rhymes and more...

Our aim is to develop learning tangibly with meaning.

What we offer

 Pre School 3-4

Rhyme & Craft



Themed Parties

The Craft Box



"...Amazing childrens event by Kaydeena: "Make me a Hajji" . So much fun and learning combined in acting out a mini Hajj. Right from boarding the plane,Tawaf, camping in Mina, visiting Mount Arafat, Safa Marwa, Qurbani. Well done Shahana Khanom and your amazing kids. Hope you make this an annual event!"

What's on

Craft Box
Kaydeena Pre School
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Past and present partners and collaborations:

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