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The name Kaydeena was born when I was calling my children one by one over the summer holiday and saying all four of their names was becoming too much of a mouthful. So we sat down and thought hard of a quick fix name that would be easier to call out around the house, which would make them all come running. Together, we loved the name Kaydeena and it worked!
Originally, Kaydeena started as a Themed Islamic Mother & Child Learning Group, with an aim to be an interactive learning space through the mother, with their child.  Many groups were purely social and play with a playgroup outlook.  Kaydeena's vision was to hear mothers saying that they too had learnt something with their child from each session and could implement them together when they left the building.
When beginning the Islamic learn and play sessions, it suddenly dawned on me that Kaydeena would be the natural name that would fit.

Since moving away from the Themed Learning Group, Kaydeena has stayed true to its values and aims, which are to reach out to people from all walks of life, giving them an understanding of Islam through varying methods.

With every element of its planning, the children are the focal point of its vision. With that in mind, they have a fun learning experience, which is stylised to their age bracket and/or level of knowledge of the audience.  Essentially, it's a memorable and rewarding period of learning and its passion comes from its underlying core ethos.
Our service varies according to what our clients want.  We offer learning workshops, crafts, storytelling, interactive rhyming sessions, competitions, games and meaningful parties. 
As well as putting on it's own programs for the community, we have collaborated with libraries, museums, mainstream schools, mosques and Muslim charities.  The delivery of each booking is tailored according to the needs that are put before us.
Not only that, because Kaydeena is passionate about its children, we have a pre school that runs termly, which works through a different theme each week, giving them the opportunity to engage with us regularly and adopt a hunger for learning about Islam at foundation stage.
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