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Awareness Days

World Hijab Day 2021.jpg

World Hijab Day

World Hijab Day was founded by Nazma Khan on 1st February 2013.

Nazma experienced discrimination after moving to New York from Bangladesh at the age of 11. She was harassed for observing her modest Islamic head dress. The idea of World Hijab Day came about from this.


Women across the globe from all faiths or none, are invited to foster the hijab for the day to enable religious tolerance and understanding.


Children's Mental Health Week

A dedicated week in February raises awareness for children and mental health.  

This year has been a time of difficulty for us all, moreso for our children who are away from school, peers and extended family. 


The growth of a child in a year is immense and their struggles are emphasised so much more.

This year celebrated Children's Mental Health Week with the theme "Express Yourself".

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