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How to Make a Flatpack Geometric Mosque Charity Box

Present a child with this ready and easy to assemble activity.

The benefits of something that has meaning added into a Ramadan gift makes all the difference. This Flat Pack Geometric Mosque Charity Box will give them a chance to colour in on the patterns found on many mosque architecture, build this up with glue and get their aqhlaq and adhab in place so they can start to get their deeds turned into monetary donations for a charity at the end of Ramadan.

To find out how to make the box, check the YouTube video on “How to Make a Geometric Mosque Charity Box.

#### You tube video —> should be link to post page

And if you want to know How to Make a Date Cone” to add with this, check the YouTube video too.

#### You tube video —> should be link to post page

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