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How to Make a Personalised Ramadan Hamper

This Ramadan Hamper would normally cost you nearly £100 to purchase. So when you want to put a smile on someone’s face with a hamper, you might want to consider sourcing out authentic products, but cut the cost by learning how to do it yourself.

The black seed oil is from Forest Sunnah. Not only do they provide the community with organic prophetic remedies that are affordable, the dark bottle is very appealing and raises the ranks for black seed oil. Delve into this link to see what they have for you for Ramadan, Eid, or all year around.

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Taibah Products have vibrantly packaged their dates in line with Ramadan. The splash of gold against black they’ve gone for lifts the colours the hamper needed. It neatly wraps the Madina sourced dates that is the main item binding the present together. You will find more of their items on Facebook or Instagram on @TaibahProducts in sha Allah. Or why not give them a call on 07935 489372?

Designed for a male South Asian elder who knows what’s good for him, the items that make up this gift, are for a softer palette and one is that recognises and appreciates quality.

Learn the tricks behind wrapping a basket with a handle, ideas to bulk out the basket, what visuals to look out for and how to create tags and choose colours that identify with your recipient.

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