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Rhyme & Craft

Our Rhyme & Craft sessions soley focusses on Islamic context.

Rhyme allows children to learn differently and for mothers to teach interactively. Our rhymes are bespoke, and created with great thought, impacting with meaning and in line with the teachings of the Quran and sunnah.

When we place mothers and their children together in this space, dynamics change.  Children become engaged and interact similarly. Mimicking their adults in this playful way, becomes a tool for education when they are repeated. The melodious rhythm allows them to create a meaning to their words.

Grouping together with other children and mothers at circle time closes the link that makes the space meaningful. It is time to join as one for their educational rhyme session. This is not only encouraging, but gives greater impact to the child's learning experience. Gestures, movements and props are used for sense of adventure.

Crafts allows mothers to further bond with their children, working together and guiding each other as they speak about the activity. We stick to a topic to give clarity to the day's learning. Each is given plenty of thought to make it relatable to our teachings.

To find out more about the rhyme and craft, get in touch via the contacts form or fill in a Application Form and read and sign the related Fees Policy and submit your child's application. Once fees are paid, your child's space will be confirmed.
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