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Pre School

Kaydeena’s mission is to deliver fun Islamic learning for children at foundation stage of a child’s life and beyond through nurtured learning. So whilst they're in our care, we'll take care of the rest.

Circle time is delivered through the day at intervals.  Here, we reconnect with our children and reinforce learning.  Each class is set about through rhyme, interaction, themes, crafts, games and play. 

We do the best we can to develop good manners through basic Islamic duas (supplications), sharing, awareness of self and others and other tools which enhance positive, confident and happy children.

Our home school learning book has been designed by us in line with needs of our children. It is used to encourage working on mark making whilst becoming familiar with letter sounds, shapes and Arabic words, so they are ready for the bigger school.  Whilst Kaydeena has this in place, we only encourage our children and allow them to lead how much of it they want to, a page a week at a time.  This way, the parents and the Pre School work together at the child's own pace.  We are also able to connect with the parents through this, to monitor how the child is doing in class and sometimes further at home. The stickers in the workbook reinforces the children's achievements. 

We believe that our sessions should tailor to our children and are careful in building a relationship with them and in turn understanding their personalities as well as their likes and dislikes.  We are confident this approach means that we can work alongside the way they like to learn and help to develop their love for Islam through a method that we can see works for them.

Our group is kept small so the children get the most out of it with a healthy child and teacher ratio, whilst they play and learn at the same time.  One of the best things about this at the end of the day, is that we get to speak to each parent without feeling rushed and limited. And because of this ethos, our spaces are restricted and we do not exceed our capacity.

The Pre School is run across two sites throughout the year during the regular school term. Check the term dates here. Our site runs in East London on Saturdays 9.45-12.45.  We cater to 3-4 year old children who are fully toilet trained. 

To find out more about the pre school or book a visit, get in touch via the contacts form or fill in an Application Form and read and sign the related Fees Policy and submit your child's application.
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