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Pre School

Kaydeena's Pre School is held in Cambridge and London (Walthamstow) for fully toilet trained 3-4 year olds.  We have an interactive approach to children's Islamic learning experience, which is benefitted from the small class sizes that we boast. This feature as well as many others, creates a great foundation for future generations.

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Keep a out look for the next Kaydeena party.  These can also be booked to facilitate a stress free and fun day for the children. Tell us what you're after and we'll deliver in sha Allah.

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Kaydeena's educational workshops are planned in accordance with the occasion, or the needs of the customer, whether Muslim or not.  We are happy to work with mosques or other institutes to support community needs. Classes are developed based on the audience.



If our events excite us... just imagine the memories they will leave with your children. Eid, Hajj, the Night Journey, to name a few - what would you like your children to see?  Keep a look out for up and coming events with Kaydeena.

Schools and Teachers 

We know how important engaging with the community is. Firstly, through dialogue and then education. 

Kaydeena covers the curriculum and beyond, through the teachings of Islam and lived experience. The quality of learning the children and teachers receive from our methods leaves them with solid knowledge and a greater understanding of the Islamic faith, in layman's terms.

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