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Data Protection

We comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018.

How do we receive your personal information
If you send us an email query, we will automatically retrieve your email address. Names and phone numbers can be disclosed to us via a telephone conversation. Often, you may be required to complete a form to process your information for any of Kaydeena's events, workshops or sessions.

Why we require information
Parents booking their children in will give us information, which we will keep confidential and use for the purpose of relevant sessions.

How we use your information
We use your information for administrative purposes and to contact you in relation to Kaydeena updates where relevant. For purchases, we will use your details for the benefit of the sale. This will not be shared with any third parties.

How long we keep your information
If you are a service user, we will keep your data for the necessary period of that service. If you no longer require the service, either we will delete your information, or you can request for your data to be deleted and we will comply accordingly.

Your rights to your information
At any point if our users request access to their information, they should contact us and we will provide this within a reasonable period.

Third Parties
For Kaydeena to work swiftly, we use a few service providers, namely: Vodafone Mobile; 
Email provider; Web designer - Shahana Khanom; Fatima Elizabeth Phrontistery - Pre School partner.  

We often collect your information and share with other events organisers partnering up with Kaydeena for the duration of an event/workshop. 

External Links
Clicking on links recommended in this website is at the risk of the user.  Kaydeena cannot guarantee or verify the contents of any externally linked website despite our best efforts and responsibility is placed on the user. This website and its owners cannot be held liable for any damages or implications caused by visiting any external links mentioned.

Kaydeena staff hold a valid Enhanced DBS Certificate, which are available on request.  At our parent free workshops, we will always have a member of staff who is trained in Peadiatric First Aid and holds an up to date Certificate.
Toilet Policy
Children are expected to be fully toilet trained. If they have an accident, we will immediately contact parents. We will do the best we can to make the child as comfortable as possible in the meantime.

In the case of sessions which require the presence of parents or teachers, they will be expected to supervise the child in their care. This is inclusive of behaviour, accidents, toilet supervision, etc. No responsibility is placed on Kaydeena staff.
Photographs and Videos
For the purpose of our website and marketing, Kaydeena often uses images from photographs and videos taken reflecting its activities.  Please make staff aware if you do not want your child's face to be included in these and we will adhere to your request.
Health and Safety

In the Building
Whatever workshop your child has been opted into, we can regulate who is in the class once the children are dropped off via our register.

A risk assessment is done on the premises before sessions start. Equipment such as scissors and glue are set aside and children only use this in the presence of a supervising adult (where age appropriate). Chairs are tucked in and anything which appears to show signs of damage, wear or tear and with a risk to the children or staff, will be removed or replaced.


Where playtime is scheduled in, Kaydeena will factor in the use of the venue and consider other users that are are also occupying the building at the time, ensuring the spaces we use will be vacated for the sole purpose of Kaydeena. Where possible, we aim to use designated grassed spaces with an option to move to paved areas in cases where the grass is wet. Outdoor equipment and grounds are checked for safety before use.

Before moving to different spaces, we ensure children are dressed according to the weather and do a headcount. We have a minimum of two staff at the front and back of the queue and walk out at the children's pace, keeping to the left. Returning indoors, follows the same process.

First Aid
A first aid box is carried at every session we hold, alongside a paediactric first aider who is always present in our team. When a child is in our care and accidents occur, we will deal with it according to it's severity. Where first aid is required, we will apply it. We keep a record of serious accidents or incidents and parents will be notified immediately of this and the action taken.

We take hygiene very seriously at Kaydeena. When a child enters into our service, we have sanitiser at the door to eliminate any external germs coming in. When using the toilet, we ensure children wash their hands with soap and water. Hand washing is practiced after any snack and playtime scheduled in. Sanitiser is once again applied at the end of the day. Sneezing is encouraged into inner elbows. Areas and equipment are regularly cleaned with antibacterial wipes. 
Nasheeds, sounds and visuals

Many events and workshops that we carry out will use nasheeds, sounds and visuals which will be for the benefit of its learning element. The sole purpose of using these is to create an ambience and impact further on the child's experience. Sometimes music is played which is relevant to the event taking place.
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